Vibrant Vibes & Dance Lights

Set the mood with quality beats and dynamic dance lights for an intimate and energetic celebration.

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Bass Bliss & Atmospheric Effects

Feel the deep bass and immerse yourself in the atmosphere with a powerful sound system, subwoofer, dance lights, and mesmerizing fog.

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Premium Symphony of Sights & Sounds

Unleash a premium audiovisual experience with top-notch sound, subwoofers, dance lights, uplights, and fog for a truly unforgettable event.

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Hey there, I’m Edward, your guy for all things music in Chino, CA! With plenty of experience under my belt, I’m your go-to Mobile DJ for weddings, birthdays, corporate gigs – you name it! I bring a laid-back vibe mixed with serious skills to your special moments. Whether it’s a wedding bash, a big birthday blowout, or a corporate shindig, expect clean beats, top-notch gear, and a commitment to making your event unforgettable. Ready to turn up the volume? Hit me up and let’s make some magic happen!